Community Visitors Scheme

The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is part of a national program that provides companionship to socially isolated people living in Australian Government-funded aged care homes.

Residents of aged care homes may become isolated and lonely because of limited family and social contact, for cultural reasons, or through disability.

The Community Visitors Scheme arranges community volunteers to visit residents on a regular, one-to-one basis. Any resident whose quality of life could be improved by the companionship of a regular community visitor can be referred to the Community Visitors Scheme.

Volunteer Community Visitors

A community visitor is a person who volunteers to visit and befriend a resident of an aged care home.

Aged care residents come from a variety of different social and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, community visitors from all backgrounds are welcome. Volunteering as a community visitor can be a rewarding experience! By befriending an older person living in an aged care home, volunteers have a chance to make a positive difference to the resident's lifeas well as their own.

How is it run?

The Australian Government funds a variety of community-based organisations (known as Community Visitors Scheme auspices) to carry out the task of:

  • recruiting, training and supporting volunteer community visitors
  • matching volunteers to residents of aged care homes
  • supporting visitor-resident relationships

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